Datasets from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

X-Ray Diffraction data from STRUCTURE of the Bacteriophytochrome Response Regulator AtBrr at 1.9 Angstrom resolution, source of 5BRJ structure

Bacterial Response regulator from Agrobacterium Tumefaciens.

X-Ray Diffraction data from Bacteriophytochrome Response Regulator RtBrr, source of 5IC5 structure

720 frames were collected at 1 degree/frame but only 360 were used. Contains both Zn and Cacodylate molecules (As) and has an anomalous signal.

X-Ray Diffraction data from Putative DNA repair helicase RadD, with ADP, at 2.03 Angstrom., source of 7R7J structure

Collected at APS on beamline LS-Cat D. 0-360 degrees rotation one degree frames. MARR 300 CCD.

X-Ray Diffraction data from RNA helix with uridine cross-strand stacking, source of 6E7L structure

RNA helix with uridine cross-strand stacking