Datasets from the University of California, San Francisco

Micro-Electron Diffraction data from Cyclophilin A, source of 6U5G structure

MicroED structure of a FIB-milled CypA Crystal; Tamir Gonen, Michael C Thompson, and James Fraser are co-PIs of this dataset.

X-Ray Diffraction data from BOVINE TRYPSIN, source of 5F6M structure

Trypsin crystals were obtained according to the method of Liebschner (Liebschner et al., 2013). Lyophilized bovine pancreas trypsin was purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (T1005) and dissolved at a concentration of 30 mg/mL into 30mM HEPES pH 7.0, 5 mg/mL benzamidine and 3mM CaCl2. Crystals were obtained from a solution of 200mM Ammonium sulfate, 100mM Na cacodylate pH 6.5, 20% PEG 8000 and 15% glycerol. Data collected for simultaneous Bragg and Diffuse Scattering processing.

X-Ray Diffraction data from Cyclophilin A, source of 4YUO structure

Highest resolution room temperature diffraction data set for Cyclophilin A. Collected under paratone oil.