Frequently Asked Questions

The SBGrid Data Bank facilitates the publication and download of experimental data.

Data Publication: the two-step process of registering and uploading your data for public access

Data Download: direct download of published data files

For more information, review the Deposit, Download, and Cite help pages.

The publication (i.e. deposition) process is a two-step process of registering your data online and then uploading your data via rsync. During registration, you complete the online registration form to provide all the metadata to be associated with your dataset. After completing the form, you receive an email containing the upload script. Follow those instructions to complete the publication process.

I deposited my data. Why can’t I view it online?

Datasets are released on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5pm. Your data must be uploaded by 9am on the day of a release to make the cutoff.

Multiple groups were involved with a single dataset. How can I associate my dataset with more than one Lab?

Currently, we can only support one Lab per dataset. Until we adjust our model to accommodate multiple associations, you may indicate the additional affiliation in the “description” or “reprocessing instructions” field of the dataset registration page.

Can I upload multiple datasets that support a single set of coordinates?

Yes. Please complete a separate data registration and a separate upload for each dataset, and include the same PDB code on the registration page. We automatically link all datasets that refer to the structure.

A PI for the particular dataset is not a member of SBGrid. Can I still upload this dataset?

Yes, please contact us via web form to request lab registration. The process to register new labs is usually completed within one week.

I am currently the PI of an SBGrid-affiliated Lab, but would like to upload data created/collected when I was with a different institution. Can I still upload?

Yes, you can upload data created/collected with a previous institution. However, please note that this data will be registered to your current lab. You should also make sure to enter your information, with your previous affiliation, into the contributor form.

Can I register my data without a PDB code and/or Publication?

Yes, you can register and upload your data whenever you are ready! After upload, you can update us with PDB and publication information at any time using the contact form.

You can also put your dataset on "hold" if you don't want it publicly available quite yet. Just mark the “hold for manuscript publication” option when filling out the online registration form. This will put your dataset on “hold” until you are ready for release. You will then need to contact us when you are ready to release your data.

My dataset is ready for deposition but I don’t want it publicly available just yet. What should I do?

You can register and upload your data whenever you like. Just be sure to mark the “hold for manuscript publication” option when filling out the online registration form. This will put your dataset on “hold” until you are ready for release.

I placed my dataset on “Hold” when I registered. How can I release it?

Use the contact form or send an email to to request the release. Be sure to include your dataset ID in the request.

What improvements are being planned for the databank?

We are constantly improving and adding new features. If you have any suggestions, contact us!

What types of macromolecular models are supported by the databank, and how should I deposit them?

Members can deposit macromolcular models that support journal publications and don't belong in other wwPDB repositories. Potential examples include decoy datasets, "unswapped" PDB files, PDB models used in docking calculations or MD trajectories.

Please use the standard registration form with the following adjustments:

  • Biological Sample - short title for your system
  • Data Type - Structural Model
  • Reprocessing instructions - an extended statement describing how the set was created
  • Beamline and Collection Facility - NA
  • Refined Structure PDB Code - PDB code of the original structure that was used to created the model.

Can I make changes to my dataset after data publication?

We only support changes to the Methods Description, Derived PDB Codes, DOIs of the resulting manuscript, and DOIs of related datasets. The PI who approved the original deposition should use our contact form to request these changes. Datasets can be also supplemented with revised versions, which can be published and interlinked with original datasets.