Micro-Electron Diffraction data from Human carbonic anhydrase II, source of 6YMB structure

Data DOI: 10.15785/SBGRID/793 | ID: 793

Publication DOI: 10.1038/s42003-020-01155-1

6YMB Coordinates: Viewer, PDB (RCSB) (PDBe), MMDB

Zou Laboratory, Stockholm University

Release Date: Aug. 4, 2020

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3. After the transfer is completed, please issue the following command to verify data integrity:

'cd 793 ; shasum -c files.sha'

Storage requirements: 204M

Biological Sample:

Human carbonic anhydrase II

Dataset Type:

Microcrystal Electron Diffraction

Subject Composition:


Collection Facility:

JEOL JEM 2100 (LaB6)

Data Creation Date:

Sept. 3, 2019

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Clabbers, MT.B.; Xu, H; Zou, X. 2020. "Microcrystal Electron Diffraction data for: Human carbonic anhydrase II. PDB Code 6YMB", SBGrid Data Bank, V1, https://doi.org/10.15785/SBGRID/793.

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Dataset Description

Microcrystal electron diffraction data of HCA II

Project Members

Name Additional Roles Affiliation While Working on the Project
Max T.B. ClabbersData Collector, DepositorStockholm University
Hongyi XuData CollectorStockholm University
Xiaodong ZouPI Stockholm University

Reprocessing Instructions

Microcrystal electron diffraction (MicroED) can be processed using standard crystallographic software such as XDS[1], DIALS[2,3], and MOSFLM[4]. The HCA II diffraction data were processed and merged using XDS. The detector geometry is defined as following: NX=516 NY=516 QX=0.055 QY=0.055 Pixels 256-261 in both x- and y-direction were masked using: UNTRUSTED_RECTANGLE=255 262 0 517 UNTRUSTED_RECTANGLE=0 517 255 262 The essential experimental parameters are: DETECTOR_DISTANCE=1481.74 ROTATION_AXIS=-0.6204 0.7843 0.0000 OSCILLATION_RANGE=0.68 [1] Kabsch, _Acta Cryst_ D66, 125–32 (2010) [2] Winter _et al._, _Acta Cryst._ D74, 85–97 (2018) [3] Clabbers _et al._, _Acta Cryst._ D74, 506–518 (2018) [4] Leslie, _Acta Cryst._ D62, 48–57 (2006)

License and Terms of use

License: CC0

Terms: Our Community Norms as well as good scientific practices expect that proper credit is given via citation. Please use the data citation, as generated by the SBGrid Data Bank.