X-Ray Diffraction data from Second PDZ domain of Ligand of Numb protein X 2 (human), source of 5E11 structure

Data DOI: 10.15785/SBGRID/1116 | ID: 1116

Publication DOI: https://doi.org/10.1038/nature20571

5E11 Coordinates: Viewer, PDB (RCSB) (PDBe), MMDB

Hekstra Laboratory, Harvard University

Release Date: July 9, 2024

Data Access Instructions

1. If this dataset is locally available, it should be accessable at /programs/datagrid/1116

2. To download this dataset, please run the following command from your Terminal on a Linux or OS X workstation:

'rsync -av rsync://data.sbgrid.org/10.15785/SBGRID/1116 .' (Harvard Medical School, USA)

Depending on your location, faster access may be available from a Tier 1 site closer to your location

'rsync -av rsync://sbgrid.icm.uu.se/10.15785/SBGRID/1116 .' (Uppsala University, Sweden)

'rsync -av rsync://sbgrid.pasteur.edu.uy/10.15785/SBGRID/1116 .' (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay)

'rsync -av rsync://sbgrid.ncpss.org/10.15785/SBGRID/1116 .' (Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, China)

3. After the transfer is completed, please issue the following command to verify data integrity:

'cd 1116 ; shasum -c files.sha'

Storage requirements: 50G

Biological Sample:

Second PDZ domain of Ligand of Numb protein X 2 (human)

Dataset Type:

X-Ray Diffraction

Subject Composition:


Collection Facility:

Beamline 14-ID, BioCARS, APS, Lemont, IL

Data Creation Date:

March 18, 2015

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Hewitt, RA.; Henning, RW.; Ranganathan, R; Socolich, MA.; Srajer, V; White, KIan; Hekstra, DR.. 2024. "X-Ray Diffraction data for: Second PDZ domain of Ligand of Numb protein X 2 (human). PDB Code 5E11", SBGrid Data Bank, V1, https://doi.org/10.15785/SBGRID/1116.

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Dataset Description

Time-resolved data consisting of four passes of pink still images for PDZ2. Passes C, D, and E are spaced two degrees between adjacent images, with pass F spaced one degree between adjacent images. Start angles are 0, 92, 181, and 361.5 degrees for passes C, D, E, and F respectively. Time points are collected at 0, 50, 100, and 200 nanoseconds per image per pass. Metadata: Detector distance: 200 mm Beam center: (175.76 mm, 154.17 mm) Peak wavelength: 1.04 Angstroms Beam spectral bandwidth: 5.5% (BioCARS) Unit cell: 65.3, 39.45, 39.01, 90, 117.54, 90 Space group: C121 Applied voltage: 6.01 kV

Project Members

Name Additional Roles Affiliation While Working on the Project
Rick A. HewittDepositorHarvard University
Robert W. HenningData CollectorUniversity of Chicago
Rama RanganathanData CollectorUniversity of Chicago
Michael A. SocolichData CollectorGreen Center for Systems Biology, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Vukica SrajerData CollectorUniversity of Chicago
K. Ian WhiteData CollectorGreen Center for Systems Biology, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Doeke R. HekstraData Collector, PIHarvard University

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License: CC0

Terms: Our Community Norms as well as good scientific practices expect that proper credit is given via citation. Please use the data citation, as generated by the SBGrid Data Bank.